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Super Number Triangles App & PDF Worksheets

iPad app - free

Super number triangles is a visual maths system for 7-11 year olds to help them learn their times tables.


The early stages of learning basic maths skills can make a big difference on whether your child finds maths a chore or a joy. Sometimes presenting something differently can just make everything click into place. Times tables are one of the elements of maths that many children learn through memory rather than understanding the relationship between the numbers. They can tell you that 6 times 7 equals 42, but 42 divided by 7 may prove difficult for them.


Super number triangles works in a visual way, showing that 6 times 7 equals 42, 7 times 6 equals 42, 42 divided by 6 equals 7 and 42 divided by 7 equals 6. Sign up to our newsletter to receive your free 12 page workbook.

PDF printable worksheets - free download 

Available for the iPad & iPad mini.
Available for the iPad & iPad mini.