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Super Number Triangles

iPad - £0.99/$0.99 free

Super number triangles is a visual maths game for children to help them learn their times tables in both directions from 2-12 (multiplication and division).  The highest game level is a 'Sudoku' logic style game using all times tables knowledge.

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Abacus Maths

iPad - £0.99/$0.99 free

Test your maths skills and reflexes in this Japanese abacus maths challenge. Choose either a timed game or a non-timed game. Watch out for minus questions, as things get steadily harder. More info

Century Maths Challenge

iPad - £0.99/$0.99  free


Build and improve on your mental maths skills with this mental arithmetic and times tables quiz based on a number grid of 1 to 100. Every answer you make is removed from the grid, so it gets easier but the questions get harder.

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My First Abacus

Soroban The Whale - My First Abacus

iPad - free


A Soroban is a Japanese abacus, which can help children to understand number concepts and visually demonstrates the decimal system.

Super Number Triangles Workbook

PDF download - free


Super number triangles is a visual maths system for 7-11 year olds to help them learn their times tables. It works in a visual way, showing that 6 times 7 equals 42, 7 times 6 equals 42, 42 divided by 6 equals 7 and 42 divided by 7 equals 6. Sign up to our newsletter to receive your free 12 page workbook.

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Long Multiplication Grid

PDF download - free


This colour coded long multiplication grid guides your child to help them find the correct answer and avoid common mistakes. Print out and fill in with your sums.

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Einstein's Riddle Worksheet

PDF download - free


This famous logic puzzle has been reworked to make it child friendly, though still fiendishly difficult for adults and children alike. Follow the clues and see if you can work it out.  More info